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Sustainable Energy

Municipal and Institutional Solutions

At SAB Consulting we believe that challenges are merely opportunities. Our expert advice comes from years of experience and actively exploring out-of-the-box approaches. Whether working with large or small organizations, local or international, we have the right solutions.

Our Services

Our Servuces
Environmental Sustainability

Reducing your environmental footprint does not have to mean economic sacrifice. Our solutions can benefit the bottom line, community health, and the planet.

Economic Sustainability

We examine all economic aspects of an organization to offer customized strategies to grow and maintain sustainable community capital.

Sustainable Infrastructure

Infrastructure can be an asset, not just a cost or liability. We design and implement strategies to let infrastructure work for you.

Community Planning

How does your community function as a whole? How do its people, economy, institutions and resources interact? We help articulate the workings of community and provide solutions that inspire movement and change.

Energy Use and Sourcing

Choose how you power your organization. From various sourcing options to energy efficiency, we can custom- tailor an energy strategy for your organization.

Land Use and Development

With many years of experience in land management and development, we can help your organization utilize space efficiently and responsibly. Among our services are phase 1 ESA, wetland delineation, topography surveys and more.


“I have worked with Steve at SAB Consulting for over 8 years. His knowledge, passion and drive has done wonders for our organization.”

Roi Maufas
CEO of Gorilla Engineering & Design


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